Fuel Information

Unlike most backpacking stoves alcohol stoves have a wide range of fuels to choose from, ethanol, methanol, and isopropyl alcohol. This means you can find fuel to purchase almost wherever you are on the globe. 

(Disclaimer: Always read and follow fuel manufacturer safety and warning labels.  We do not endorse any specific brand, all pictures are meant as examples to help you identify recommended fuel types.)

We recommend denatured alcohol for your Keyhole Stoves™.  It's relatively cheap considering the ethanol content.  Higher the ethanol content better the boil times. Typically it's found in the paint thinner sections of most hardware & other retail stores that would carry painting supplies (e.g. Walmart.) There are essentially two different types of denatured alcohol for purchase.  High-ethanol-content (90% - 95%) and low-ethanol-content (45%-55%) denatured alcohol.  However these numbers are usually only listed on material safety data sheets and will not be stated on the packaging.  Both types are fine to use, but the high-ethanol-content denatured alcohol will burn much hotter, changing boil times by up to two to three additional minutes for boil times.  

Below you'll find a list of recommended denatured alcohol brands & products that have a high-ethanol-content. 



Klean Strip® "Green" Denatured Alcohol (90 - 100%)

Typically carried by: Lowes

Crown® Denatured Alcohol NEXT (90 - 100%)

Typically carried by: Lowes



Klean Strip® S-L-X Denatured Alcohol (45 - 50%)

Typically carried by: Lowes, Home Depot


Crown® Denatured Alcohol (45 - 50%)

Typically carried by: Lowes
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